The most important facts on the potential of the Ruhr Metropolis as a MICE destination.

  • 365 venues are located in the Ruhr Metropolis – As many as the days of the year.
  • 105,000 events were held in the Ruhr Metropolis in 2011 – And the trend is increasing.
  • 300,000 seats are available in the venues of the Ruhr Metropolis – Space for the very biggest and the very smallest events.
  • 90 percent of the venues can provide exhibition space outside the conference rooms. 
  • 45 percent extraordinary: almost half of our venues are "special event locations": special industrial heritage locations, places like castles, palaces, museums, studios, leisure parks, universities, airports, stadiums, ...
  • 96 percent of the organisers praise the good to excellent transport connections in the Ruhr Metropolis.

Detailed information on the MICE destination metropolis Ruhr can be found in the downloads section.